Catering to our Customer
We provide a lot more than hosting - not for sale necessarily - but advice, links to free products, and information about things to make your website complete.  

This site is strictly dedicated to hosting and the necessary components you may need no matter at what level you are on the internet.

If you have searched the site and/or the net and can't find something you need, please feel free to contact us and we'll find it for you.

  • Choosing a Host
             A list of things to consider when choosing a host.

  • Free Online Tutorials
             Free Tutorials on Microsoft products, Corel, Accountancy, Databases, Unix, Programming, MacIntosh, and much more! From introduction to Advanced Levels.

  • Domain Registration

  • Guarantee
             30-day Money Back Guarantee

  • LinkAlarm
              Check the links on your site to make sure they are working. If you only have 5 pages with links to the outside world, it costs a grand total of $2.60 a year to check them !!!

  • Manual

    A detailed Online Manual to create and maintain your site with ease.
  • Webmaster References
          Links to great resources on the Web.

  • Ecommerce Guide
         Things you should know BEFORE you start an online store.