How do I set up access to an SQL database?

We offer two SQL databases, both are available at no charge.

Please note that we do not provide technical support on SQL.


Msql2 is a database engine, documents may be found at the Hughes SQL site.
The basic access path is:

/usr/local/Hughes/bin/msql -h machine database-name

For "machine" you enter your server name found in your Plusmail Control Panel located at http://yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/plusmail.

To setup an Msql2 database use the "EXTRAS" button of PlusMail (http://yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/plusmail).

We also offer Mysql.

Mysql databases are also setup via the "Add Features button" of PlusMail (http://yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/plusmail).

Frequently Asked Questions about Mysql.