The truth about EDMA and others like them ...

I posted this article (read below) several years ago.  Eventually EDMA was put out of business by the government and forced to pay restitution.  It turned out that they made millions of dollars and failed to register many of the domain names people paid them for.

But the problem persists with new companies attempting to do the same thing, so it is still timely.

Sasha Friedman  2/05

This is an important notice - please read it carefully !

I am sorry to say that more and more people are attempting to get into the internet business using a fraudulent and "scam" approach. This is the case with EDMA (Electronic Domain Name Monitoring).

If you are the holder of a domain name, there are easy ways to check whether or not you also purchased the .net, .org or othe rextension names as well.

EDMA is taking advantage of these methods. If you have a fax number associated with your registration, you may get a fax or email from these people saying "URGENT NOTICE OF IDENTICAL DOMAIN NAME APPLICATION BY A THIRD PARTY." I suppose they may also send you an email.

EDMA's  letter states that "someone" has applied for the .net or .org version of your domain. It is important to know that if  someone had attempted to register the name and you don't already own it, it would have been registered on any first attempt. Anyone can go to ANY domain name registrar and register ANY name that is available.

What EDMA is attempting to do is scare you into registering the .org and .net names with them for a fee - part of which they will be compensated.

This is not to say that I do not recommend registering all 3 types of domains in certain cases, but as new extensions are being added all the time, you could be "snookered" into spending a fortune for this.  

If you have a trademark name, you can bar anyone from using ANY form of your name.  In that case, you should consult an attorney if you find someone misusing your name.