Stop Using Albuterol Inhalers ...

f you use an albuterol (also known  as salbutamol) inhaler for asthma, you may be making yourself sick.

The properties of albuterol cause one's body to create anti-DNA to one's own DNA.  This means that the more you use it, the more anti-DNA your body is building.

I began using albuterol inhalers in the 70's.  Glaxo was handing out Ventolin and Proventil like candy to all the doctors as free samples.  You should realize that doctors are NOT PHARMACISTS !  They only know what the drug companies tell them about drugs and normally do not have a pharmacy background.  Pharmacists go to school for a long time and that is why we defer to them for drug interactions and information about side effects more than we do our doctors.  

In 1981 I was working for the Cleveland Clinic Research Foundation under Drs. Robert C. Tarazi and Fetnat Fouad-Tarazi in Hypertension Research.  (Pub Med has 248 articles published by Dr. RC Tarazi in his field)  I had a problem that indicated I may have had lupus and was tested for it.  At the time, they only did "anti-nuclear" and anti-DNA tests to determine whether you had lupus.  (This has changed over the year and now there are more indicators for lupus than those 2.)  

My anti-DNA came back with a 5% positive result.  We knew that I really did not have lupus, but Dr. Tarazi was determined to figure out what medications I was taking that would have given a positive test result.  At the time, I was not really taking any pills and forgot about my albuterol inhaler.   Dr. Tarazi saw me using it one day and said "What is THAT?"  When he looked at it, he said "That's IT ! When I was testing albuterol for use in hypertension, it caused positive anti-DNA !"  He immediately changed my prescription to something else.

I had noticed while using albuterol, that I seemed to get a lot sicker - more upper respiratory infections throughout the year.  They were now up to an average of 5 infections a year.  After I stopped using albuterol, my respiratory infections and incidences of needing to use my inhaler lessened and lessened.

Obviously, the drug company, many scientists and some doctors have known this a long time.  Because your physician may not be aware of this, you need to request that he change your prescription to something else.  I have been using Alupent (metaproteronol) ever since this happened, and find that I am much healthier overall.

Over the years, I have recommended a switch to another inhaler to everyone I meet who uses an albuterol inhaler for chronic asthma.  If you only use 1 or 2 a year, they may not be affecting you.  But for someone who uses it every 4 to 6 hours, you need to change to something else.  The others who also switched have regained their health and stopped having so many infections or other medical problems as well.